Turbo actuator tester, Common Rail diagnostic equipment, automotive oscilloscope testers.

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TurboProg programmer

TURBO-PROG device can be used to read and program range of movement of electronic turbo actuators.

Turbocharger actuator tester VNTT-PRO V4 (USB)

This device is designed for variable geometry turbochargers (VTG VNT). This device simulates the control signal coming from the engine controller.

Unit Injector Expert UInEx-2

The UInEx-2 ( Unit Injector Expert ) is a powerful tool for comprehensive diagnosis of unit injectors in passenger cars. It enables to perform detailed electrical and mechanical tests

Electronic diagnostic stethoscope DS-3

Electronic automotive diagnostic stethoscope DS-3 is used to listen to acoustic effects of working parts of vehicles and machines.

COMMON RAIL electronic diesel injection analyzer EDIA-PRO

Innovative solution for rapid diagnosis of COMMON RAIL system - nominated for innovation Automechanika Frankfurt 2014

COMMON RAIL injector and pump testing kit ZCR-4 PRO

COMMON RAIL injection systems tester is used to read values from the high pressure sensor and to control two control valves at a time. Tester is also used to control electromagnetic and piezoelectric injectors in the COMMRAIL injection systems.

ScopeTester 5

ScopeTester 5 is 5-channel oscilloscope tester for PC computers.

Injector Expert InEx-2

Injector Expert InEx-2 is a versatile tool for advanced diagnosis of Common Rail injectors. It enables electrical and mechanical testing of injector actuators – solenoids and piezoelectric stacks.

Electronic air throttle tester for diesel engines DTA-1

This tester can diagnose air throttles manufactured by Siemens and Pierburg, used in WV Group/Audi cars.

Injector flow meter IFM-8

Injector flow meter is designed to test performance of Common Rail injectors on the test bench.

Injector flow meter IFM-2

Injector flow meter is designed to test performance of Common Rail injectors on the test bench.

COMMON RAIL pump flow meter PFM-2

Pump flow meter is designed to test the delivery performance of high pressure Common Rail pumps on test bench.


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