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Problem with airbag controllers

NOTE!!! Problems with airbag controllers It is possible to block the controller in VW Golf, Jetta, Bora, Beetle and corresponding models of Seat and Skoda , year 2000 and 2001!!!   The attempt to connect by means of the DeltaScan program (or another diagnostic device) with airbag controller (or starting the controller auto-detection function) in the...

TSL-3 tester

The TSL-3 tester can be used for testing the signals coming from other controllers. Generally, it is useful for checking the controllers, which have the variable signal ranging from 0 do 1V. These are mostly some types of the inductive sensor e.g. ABS. In orde to test the ABS sensor, it is necessary to disconnect the sensor terminal block, connect the...

Lambda sensor description

  Type of the sensor Drawing Designation of pins according to the order, signal Drawing Zirconia single-wire colours, Bosch standard Black signal 0,1-0,9 V Zirconia two-wire colours, Bosch standard Black-signal 0,1-0,9 V White (Grey) - mass Zirconia three-wire colours, Bosch standard Black-signal 0,1-0,9 V Grey-mass White-heater White-heater Zirconia...



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