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Problem with airbag controllers

NOTE!!! Problems with airbag controllers

It is possible to block the controller in VW Golf, Jetta, Bora, Beetle and corresponding models of Seat and Skoda , year 2000 and 2001!!!


The attempt to connect by means of the DeltaScan program (or another diagnostic device) with airbag controller (or starting the controller auto-detection function) in the mentioned above cars, may cause its blocking. It is manifested by recording in the controller memory the error code no. 65535 (which means the damage to the controller) and by a stable light of the airbag warning lamp. The problem occurs only in cars equipped with some controllers bearing the number 6Q0 909 605 A. If a car has the controller 6Q0 909 605 F the connection with the controller is safe.

In order to avoid problems, it is necessary, before making the attempt to connect with the airbag controller, to check its number, which is displayed on the cover. If the number is identical to the above one, there is high probability of damage. Otherwise, the diagnostic procedures can be performed. From the sources of information available to us, it is known that the problem may result from the error in the controller programming, the proof of which is withdrawing these products from sale and replacing it with the controller no. 1C0 909 605 A, which is free from the mentioned above defect.



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