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TSL-3 tester

The TSL-3 tester can be used for testing the signals coming from other controllers. Generally, it is useful for checking the controllers, which have the variable signal ranging from 0 do 1V. These are mostly some types of the inductive sensor e.g. ABS. In orde to test the ABS sensor, it is necessary to disconnect the sensor terminal block, connect the TSL-3 tester in a chosen way to two pins and next, to turn on the TSL-3 tester and after turning the wheel (the car is on the car jack) the results can be observed. If the TSL-3 tester does not show anything, it means that the polarisation of the connection needs to be changed the other way out. After the polarisation has been changed, the wheel is turned again and the result shown by the TSL-3 tester are observed. The voltage indication shall be the same in all four sensors. If any of the sensors does not provide the result, it is possible, just to make sure, to measure the coil resistance. If the meter does not show resistance, it means that the coil circuit is open and the sensor shall be replaced. If one of the sensors provides a weak signal, most likely it is dislocated in relation to the impulse wheel or there is additional resistance in its circuit.



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