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Battery tester DBT-12+

The tester enables safe measurement of voltage, current rating, state of charge and state of health for 12V and 6V batteries. The device is powered by an internal battery, so it can test even discharged batteries and can be conveniently used as a voltmeter.

Car system test gives you advanced diagnostics of starting and charging systems (12V, 24V and 6V). Acquired voltage waveforms are presented in graphical form. The device stores measurement results, marking them with date and time and optionally with vehicle registration number. Internal memory of large capacity provides a record of many hundreds of measurements.





Included PC software allows for easy result viewing and report (A4 size) printing using computer printer. Wireless WiFi connection makes possible to initiate printing from device menu directly after measurement.The software automatically archive all measurements and provides customer database that can be used to assign measurements to specific customers.


Example report:


An additional function is voltage recording mode that allows the user to monitor battery voltage for many hours. This can be used for example to detect unwanted enabling of battery draining devices in vehicle or to verify charging process and evaluate battery charger.





  • Battery type: Standard, AGM/VRLA

  • Rating norm: EN,SAE,DIN,IEC.

  • Measurement range: 40 - 2000A (EN)

  • Voltage measurement: 0 - 25V

  • Power supply: internal Li-ion battery

  • Operating conditions: 0° - 40°C


Kit content:

  • DBT-12+ device

  • Measurement cable with alligator clips

  • Mini USB cable

  • USB AC Charger



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