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Electronic diagnostic stethoscope DS-3

Electronic automotive diagnostic stethoscope DS-3 is used to listen to acoustic effects of working parts of vehicles and machines. It is equipped with signal level indicator, allowing to quickly estimate the amplitude of vibrations in a 10 point scale. Fully digital signal processing allows for clean and undistorted sound in the headphones. Stethoscope offers selectable digital filter cutting out frequencies above one of 10 pre-defined values that can improve hearing sounds overpowered by high-frequency noise and vibrations.



Power supply *

2 AA (R6) batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable)


15Hz – 10kHz

Automatic power off

after about 6 minutes


Digitally controlled range 1 – 10


0.25kHz ... 10kHz in 10 presets.

Battery level indicator


 *- DS-3 version powered by AC power adapter is available as an option.



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