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Injector Expert InEx-2


Injector Expert InEx-2 is a versatile tool for advanced diagnosis of Common Rail injectors. It enables electrical and mechanical testing of injector actuators – solenoids and piezoelectric stacks. Its feature to generate injector control signal may be used for testing injector performance on a test bench. Technical capabilities of InEx-2 allow the following tests:


  • control signal generation for Common Rail injector with the following parameters: pulse duration, frequency (or equivalent rpm), number of pulses;

  • adjustment of control parameters: hold current, piezo voltage and piezo charge time;

  • accurate measurement of coil resistance (milliohm range) and piezo stacks resistance (in kiloohms) in automated series measurement with memory for up to 8 injectors;

  • piezoelectric stack capacity measurement with optional parallel resistance evaluation and memory for up to 8 injectors.

  • determining leakage current between injector housing and signal input under high voltage;

  • providing control signal for armature stroke test with an option to adjust hold current and safety timer protecting injector coil;

  • measuring dynamical response of Common Rail injector with measurement series credibility estimation.




Supply voltage

12...14V DC

Current draw

up to 14A

Number of injectors






Simulated injection parameters



200...8000 rpm (adjustable in steps of 25 rpm) or
2.0...67.0 Hz (adjustable in steps of 0.1Hz)


0,2...5 ms (adjustable in steps of 0.001 ms)

Programmable number of pulses

Yes (range 1 – 30000)

Measurement memory

1 to 8.




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