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Injector flow meter IFM-2


IFM-2 Injector Flow Meter is designed to test performance of Common Rail injectors on the test bench, replacing classical measuring glass. IFM-2 allows simultaneous measurement of delivery and back leak of single tested injector.

Included injection detector enables to display flow value in relation to the number of injections. Thanks to unique technology, it is not necessary to use additional filters at the device inputs as the device is resistant to minor contamination.

IFM-2 can be connected to PC computer via USB connection. The included software allows the user to visualize flow rates as well as to perform injector tests based on defined database. The user may combine up to six single measurements on one screen.


After testing the report can be printed showing tested injectors performance. It is possible to print results for whole injector set at once (up to 6 injectors).


In accordance with the standards of injector performance measurements, standard temperature of fuel (calibration oil) on test bench is 40°C +/- 2°C. However, the temperature of fuel entering flowmeter should be below 40°C. To ensure the optimum accuracy maintain oil temperature of 20-30 °C – this requires to use coolers (included).

The device is shipped with two coolers that ensures optimum measurement conditions for typical measurments of diesel injectors (recommended flow up to 200 ml/min).



Supply voltage 12V DC
Power consumption max. 12W (1A)

calibration fluid

Operating conditions temp. 0 – 60°C
Flow measurement 1 - 500 ml/min
Number of flow meter channels 2
Available units

ml/min, l/h, ml/N injections

Accuracy 2.00%
Rotation measurement 25...5000 inj/min

Kit content:
  • IFM-2 device
  • AC adapter for IFM-2
  • injection signal detector
  • injector adapter (for collecting fuel delivery)
  • polyurethane tube 6mm x 4m
  • fuel cooler – 2 pcs
  • AC adapter for fuel coolers
  • software CD-ROM



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