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Measuring Device BIP TESTER


BIP TESTER is a measuring device designed for users that already have a unit injector test bench, but their lack reliable BIP measurement. The instrument allows the following measurements:
  • BIP time in range of 800 – 1200 μs
  • coil resistance (milliohm meter range 0,001 – 4Ω)
  • insulation resistance test with high voltage
  • additional capacity measurement (range 0,4 – 40 μF)

BIP detection is done without mechanical driving of unit injector. There is only need to provide pressurized fuel supply. It is therefore possible to measure BIP value without taking unit injector out of the engine for an easy and quick diagnosis.
Measurements can be done using device own keyboard and display or by connecting to a PC. Computer software gives additional BIP visualization for a tested set of unit injectors along with prompts how to correct BIP values. Additionally, the software verifies results and optimizes BIP values for the whole set of unit injectors. The software includes a database that can be supplemented or edited and generates printed reports.

Kit content:
  2. Power supply
  3. Universal cable for solenoid connection
  4. PC software
  5. Isolated interface for PC connection
  6. User manual



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