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PWM signal tester GP-1

The device is intended to measure as well as to generate a PWM signal. Frequency range of generated signal covers frequency range used in automotive electronics.

PWM signal tester enables yout to:

  • control all kinds of electromagnetic valves commonly used in both gasoline and diesel (eg, EGR valve, turbo pressure control valve, etc.) which allows you to test these elements,
  • control speed of DC electric motors,
  • control fuel dosage or ignition advance in fuel pumps of compression-ignition engines (quantity adjuster and spark advance valve control)
  • control other devices that use PWM as a control signal, controlled either by switching power or ground,

PWM measurement module allows you to measure both frequency and duty cycle of measured signal. It is commonly used to check control signal of PWM controlled devices.

Tester specifications:

Supply voltage DC, ranged of 12 ... 15V
Current draw 70 mA (consumed by tester itself without load)
Control signal generator  
   Frequency range 20Hz - 1000Hz
   Frequency adjustment accuracy 1Hz
   Output amplitude 0V up to supply voltage
   Type of control ground switching and power supply switching
   Duty cycle range 0% ... 100%
   Duty cycle accuracy 0.1%
   Number of outputs 2
Control signal measurement  
   Frequency range 20Hz ... 1000Hz
   Input signal amplitude 0V up to supply voltage
   Threshold level 2.5V
   Over-voltage supply over 18V
   Over-current built-in output short circuit protection and fuse (6.3A)




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