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Piezoelectric sensor SP-312

The sensor can be used in the following ways:

  1. As a sensor mounted on a high pressure hose, which triggers the strobe lamp to check the start of the injection. By means of this sensor, it is easy to convert a typical petrol engine strobe lamp into a diesel engine one.
  2. As a sensor (sensors) mounted on a high pressure hose to check the high pressure waveform and to compare the measurements (without loosening the hoses) by means of an oscilloscope. This method allows a quick diagnosis of the injection system.
  3. As a sensor for measuring the diesel engine speed.
  4. As replacement sensor, for example, for strobe lamps and similar diagnostic tools.

In contrast to conventional sensors, which are designed to serve a single diameter of high pressure hoses, the SP-312 sensor supports all diameters of hoses ranging from 3 to 12 mm. The sensor has a robust construction, which makes it resistant to damage.


As an attachment to the sensor, we also offer for sale:
- oscilloscope integrator,
- stroboscopic lamp amplifier



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