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QST-5 sensor tester

The QST-5 device is intended for testing many popular sensors used in the automotive industry. The tester powers the tested sensors by itself, so it can be used both in a vehicle and outside of it. Sensors which can be tested with QST-5:

  • Crankshaft and camshaft sensors,
  • ABS sensors,
  • Rotary speed sensors,
  • Temperature sensors (thermistors)
  • Fuel/oil pressure sensors,
  • Sensors of throttle, EGR, and turbine position,
  • Accelerator pedal positions sensors,
  • MAP and turbocharging sensors,
  • Knock combustion sensors,
  • Clutch/brake pedal sensors,
  • DPF/FAP differential pressure sensors,
  • and others.

Thanks to QST-5, testing sensors is easy and convenient. The sensor is connected with three numbered endings. The device can automatically indicate the type of the tested sensor (e.g. inductive or Hall) and establish the terminals. Then the user can perform a functional test, testing its response in different test conditions.

Device's advantages:

  • Quick and safe sensor tester that doesn’t require knowledge of terminals.
  • Easy to use: perfect for beginner users,
  • Integrated measurement of R,L,C electrical parameters.

Additionally, there is an option to download an Android application (smartphones, tablets) which allows to remotely read measurement screens and add sensors together with their parameters and an optional photo to the database.

Link to download the application: QST-5

Technical parameters:

- Resistance measurement: 0 - 5MΩ
- Inductance measurement: 1mH - 5H
- Capacitance measurement: 100p - 2u
- Diode test: 0,1 – 3V.
- Sensor supply: 5V DC
- Power supply: built-in Li-ion battery
- Operating time: min. 6 hours when fully charged

Kit contents:

- QST-5 device
- Measuring cable
- Mini USB cable
- 5V Charger
- 3pin jumper
- CD-ROM with a tool for updating the software.



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