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SIT-12 Smart Injector Tester


The SIT-12 Tester is a portable device for measuring electrical parameters of (unit) injectors. Thanks to the unique combination of all the electrical measurements into one device it is possible to quickly diagnose faults.

Low resistance measurements with miliohm resolution and the function to determine the inductance allow for checking injector coils. Thanks to the capacitance and resistance measurement it is possible to check piezo stacks. For each kind of injector - no matter whether solenoid or piezo - it is possible to perform high voltage insulation measurement. Maximum voltage is 500V.


Technical parameters:

  • Resistance measurement: 0 - 5Ω and 8 - 1050kΩ
  • Capacitance measurement : 0 - 5μF or 0 - 50μF 1
  • Inductance measurement: 0 - 800μH 1
  • Insulation measurement at three different voltage values: 100, 250 and 500V (readings range depends on voltage, max 1400MΩ)
  • Power supply: a built-in battery

Operating time: at least 6h after full charging (the device turns off automatically after 10 minutes)

1 denotes automatic change of ranges


Content of the KIT

  • SIT-12 Tester,
  • Cable for insulation measurement - with red band,
  • Cable for the measurement of other parameters - with black band,
  • Charger with a mini USB cable,
  • User manual.



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