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ScopeTester 5

ScopeTester 5 is 5-channel oscilloscope tester for PCs. Unlike traditional oscilloscopes it is capable of continuous acquisition of signals without dead times. This feature gives exceptional diagnostic value. Available voltage ranges matches typical signals found in modern cars. The user may connect to vehicle sensors, actuators and other diagnostic equipment, such as current clamps, inductive and capacitive probes and other diagnostic probes.

ScopeTester 5 can record from 1 second up to 10 minutes of continuous waveform. Thus, it is possible to capture even single anomaly occurrence during that period. Real-time preview mode helps shorten measurements if longer acquisition is not required offering functionality similar to classic oscilloscope.

The device offers an unique feature of signal interpretation for signal types commonly used in vehicles, such as PWM or crankshaft position sensor (CPS) signal. As a result, instead of working with hard to read voltage signals (on the left), the user can work with the waveforms showing PWM duty cycle or momentary engine speed (on the right).

Waveforms can be saved and then viewed and analyzed at any time. Saved files can also be used as a reference and compared with new measurements on a common graph.

Additional 5-channel multimeter mode with minimum/maximum function allows the user to measure voltages, currents (using current clamp or shunt), frequency and PWM duty cycle. Simple to use and giving unique features ScopeTester 5 offers also exceptional value for money.



Supply voltage 5V DC (powered by USB, does not need external supply)
Operating conditions 0-50°C
Voltage ranges (channels: 1,2) -1,25..1,25V; -2,5..2,5V, -5..5V, -10..10V, 0..5V, 0..20V
Voltage ranges (channels: 3, 4, 5) 0..5V, 0..20V
Voltage measurement accuracy 1%

Kit contents:

  • ScopeTester 5 device
  • 1m measurement cable with banana plugs and alligator clips – 2 pcs
  • 1m measurement cable with alligator clips - 3 pcs
  • USB cable
  • Differential attenuator 1:10 - 2 pcs
  • Needle probe
  • User manual
  • CD-ROM with software and driver

Optional accessories:
  • Current clamp CP-10 (20/80A)
  • Current clamp CP-11 (40/400A)



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