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TurboProg Programmer

Programmer application

TURBO-PROG supports two types of turbo actuators:
  • Hella
  • Siemens

For Hella actuators TURBO-PROG allows the user to :
  1. read actuator parameters,
  2. store actuator parameters in the device internal memory,
  3. program actuator parameters,
  4. copy actuator parameters.
The term 'actuator parameters' means the following information:
  • actuator type,
  • gearbox number of compatible gearbox,
  • version of actuator firmware,
  • range of operation of geometry lever.
For Siemens actuators TURBO-PROG allows the user to :
  1. program range of operation of geometry lever,
  2. check range of movement of an actuator.

When replacing Siemens actuator (both new and used), there is a need to program the correct range of operation. TurboProg device enables to perform this procedure by replacing service tool VAS-6395.

Actuators supported

The programmer supports the following units:
- Hella actuators with the following markings:
  • 712120
  • 730314
  • 781751
  • 763797
 - Siemens actuators used in turbochargers made for VW/Audi.

Kit content
  • TurboProg device,
  • DC power supply,
  • User Manual,
  • Hella connection cable,
  • Siemens connection cable,
  • USB cable and Updater Tool

Current version of update program can be found here: SOFTWARE-UPDATER



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