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Unit Injector Expert UInEx-2

The UInEx-2 ( Unit Injector Expert )  is a powerful tool for comprehensive diagnosis of unit injectors in passenger cars. It enables performing detailed electrical and mechanical tests, such as:

electrical tests:
  1. BIP measurement,
  2. precise coil resistance measurement in range of milliohms,
  3. piezoelectric stack capacity measurement,
  4. insulation test – measurement of leakage currents under high voltage,
  5. result memory for up to 8 unit injectors.
mechanical tests:
  1. simulated operation with adjustable pulse duration and number of cycles,
  2. active synchronisation of solenoid operation with cambox drive,
  3. compensating BIP value when driving unit injector on the test bench,
  4. measurement of BIP value also without mechanical drive (e.g. in car),
  5. selection of electrical parameters of solenoid control signal.

Supply voltage

12...14V DC

Current draw

up to 14A (peak)

Number of unit injector control outputs


Simulated injection parameters

frequency: 100...1500 injections/min

pulse duration 200...5000 us (resolution of 1 us)

Programmable number of cycles

1-30000 or continuous mode

Result memory

up to 8 injectors

BIP measurement

up to 1200us

Kit content:
  1. UInEx-2 device,
  2. Resistance, capacitance and leakage measurement cable;
  3. Universal unit injector connection cable
  4. DC Power supply 12V/14.2A,
  5. User manual,
  6. Connector for bench RPM sensor,
  7. Spare fuses.



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