Turbo actuator tester, Common Rail diagnostic equipment, automotive oscilloscope testers


QST-5 sensor tester

The QST-5 device is intended for testing many popular sensors used in the automotive industry.

SIT-12 Smart Injector Tester

The SIT-12 Tester is a portable device for measuring electrical parameters of (unit) injectors.

DBT-12 Battery Tester

Battery tester enables safe measurement of voltage, current rating, state of charge and state of health for 12V batteries.

SET-12 Smart Electric Tester

The SET-12 Tester is a portable device for measuring electrical parameters.

TP-TACT Tester & Programmer

The TP-TACT is intended for testing the operation and programming of the range of work of electronic turbocharger controllers.

Measuring Device BIP TESTER

BIP TESTER is a measuring device designed for users that already have a unit injector test bench, but their lack reliable BIP measurement.

TurboProg Programmer

TURBO-PROG device can be used to read and program the range of movement of electronic turbo actuators.

Turbocharger Actuator Tester VNTT-PRO V4.07 (USB)

This device is designed for variable geometry turbochargers (VTG VNT). It simulates the control signal coming from the engine controller.

Injector Expert InEx-2

Injector Expert InEx-2 is a versatile tool for advanced diagnosis of Common Rail injectors. It enables electrical and mechanical testing of injector actuators – solenoids and piezoelectric stacks.

Unit Injector Expert UInEx-2

The UInEx-2 ( Unit Injector Expert ) is a powerful tool for comprehensive diagnosis of unit injectors in passenger cars. It enables performing detailed electrical and mechanical tests.

COMMON RAIL Electronic Diesel Injection Analyzer EDIA-PRO

Innovative solution for rapid diagnosis of COMMON RAIL system - nominated for the innovation Automechanika Frankfurt 2014.

ScopeTester 5

ScopeTester 5 is a 5-channel oscilloscope tester for PCs.



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